Restaurant Food – Latest Trends and Craze

People were expected to prefer local produce, organic food, bite sized desserts, healthy kid’s meals, kid’s vegetable/fruit side dishes, super fruits and sustainable seafood among their top ten choices. Buying local produce is not only environmentally friendly but also supports a local farmer. Local produce will be fresh and tastier. Environmental concerns are linked to the preference for organic food. Besides, many people would want to stay safe from insecticides and harmful chemicals. Bite sized desserts have been popular over the last few years. Mini indulgences are healthy in comparison to huge chocolate brownie sundaes. For kids, whole grains and vegetables in place of just mac and cheese and chicken nuggets are healthier and the trend seems to be popular with parents and children. More acai and mangosteen was the predictable trend replacing pomegranate. “Small plates” was an emerging trend as everyone complained that servings at the restaurants are too big. Environmentally concerned people are cautious with farmed seafood, mercury contamination and PCBs. Eating wild is a preferable but pricy option that was the predicted trend last year, but there is the likelihood of sustainable seafood gaining popularity in future.

Among the top trends predicted for 2010, buying locally was suggested more important than the organic trend for their competitive and cost advantage among other advantages. Since the restaurants came under severe pressure of recession, the predicted trends of restaurants focused more on cost saving techniques. Niche signature dishes as against the generic menu are more likely the current trend.

It is not difficult to infer that while healthier and environmentally sustainable food is gaining popularity, the restaurant owners are doing a business. So, they would juggle quality and price to arrive at the best combination that is profitable to them.

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